A Little Bit About Me

I am a third year vegetarian environment student and varsity rower. I love to cook, and I spend way too much time on the internet. I have decided to combine these two things into a blog which follows my culinary escapades.

A few years ago, the only thing I knew how to make was quiche. Eating out a of a residence cafeteria made me desperate to cook, and I have spent the past year and a half learning the ins and outs of the kitchen with the help of the internet. Food bloggers everywhere, I love you.

I don't believe in measuring cups, but I do believe in experimentation, squash, and spices. For the most part, this approach works well for me. I am notorious for my ridiculous and unmistakable laugh, which I fully embrace because it means that I am never laughing alone. Laughter is for sharing, as is food.

I'm messy and forgetful, I procrastinate a lot, and I am extraordinarily indecisive. I love the Sound of Music and I love goats.


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